Summer Jam Concert with Jessica Sanchez - ndeguz

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Full Concert Video


Group - "Can't Stop The Feeling"

Micaela Marquez - "Diamonds"

Austin Gatus - "Motions"

Summer Reign - "Work It Out"

Jessica Duhay - "Stay With Me"

Anatalia Villaranda - "I'd Rather Go Blind"

Albert Posis - "Higher"

Intrinsic Dance Company

Group - "Happy"

Austin Gatus - "Love On Top"

Micaela Marquez - "Somthings Got A Hold"

Summer Reign - "Believer"

Jessica Duhay - "When Love Hurts"

Anatalia Villaranda - "Versace On The Floor"

Papia Hip Hop Dancers

Albert Posis - "Good Woman"

Jessica Sanchez & Albert Posis - "Tonight"

Jessica Sanchez - "Gentlemen"

Jessica Sanchez - "At Last"

Jessica Sanchez - "How Come You Don't Call Me"

Jessica Sanchez - "Titanium"

Jessica Sanchez - "Clarity"

Jessica Sanchez & Austin Gatus - "The Prayer"

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