About Norman DeGuzman Photography (aka NDImages)

As I was growing up, we traveled often and to many different places.  Our travels were heavily influenced by my mom who often would say to us as we spontaneously planned our next destination, "Let's Get Lost".  And that we did.  I was always the designated family photographer capturing those adventurous moments exploring the world.

This has significantly influenced my desire to travel and capture the diversity of scenes across local and foreign lands.  You can say that Wanderlust (a strong innate desire to rove and travel about) has become the driving force behind me being a photography "aficionado".  The  mutual definition of travel and photography has always been true for me:

         "I travel to do photography."

         "I do photography because I travel"

I've been a photographer for over 30 years starting as a young film photographer during and after college professionally shooting large events, graduations, proms, debuts, modeling portfolios, and weddings.  And now recently re-introducing myself into capturing those same images in a digital age.  Throughout my photography experience, I have acquired in-depth know-how and innate intuition to capture those moments and essence of my subjects.  If you have a project or event that requires an experienced photographer, please contact me to discuss how I can support your photography needs.


Norman DeGuzman

  • Focal Length, Telephoto
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